Arrival of Winter 2021 Litter

4 July 2021

Chutney delivered 12 beautiful puppies on 4 July 2021- our American Independence Day Babies.  5 males and 7 females.

Sire: Danntrig Ranger

Spring 2019 Litter confirmed

Mom: Browdeen Bonvu Chutney of Thabatemba

Dad: Clachan Boyaid (Renga)

Pregnancy confirmed - litter due end of September 2019.  You can contact us if you are interested in adding your name to the Thabatemba puppy waiting list.

Obedience training graduation

30 Mar 2019

Fudge & Lady graduated from basic obedience training - now they listen often & treats are not always needed.  Well done ridgies!

Arrival of Winter 2018 Litter

15 July 2018
Female rhodesian ridgeback with litter; ridgeback puppies from Thabatemba; KUSA registered puppies

Chutney delivered 13 beautiful puppies on Sunday, 15 July 2018.  She has surpassed all our expectations!

5 Females and 8 males were born.  Mother and babies are all doing well.

Arrival of Spring 2019 Litter

21 September 2019

Chutney became a mom again!  8 Beautiful puppies were born on 21 September 2019 - 5 males and 3 females.  2 Liver nose puppies in the litter.


14 Apr 2019

Attended the yearly SARRC show.  Chutney won best gait & 2nd in SA bred bitch class.  Well done for a dog that is not a regular show dog!  Although she doesn't have the proper show stance yet, it's a major improvement from last year's "sitting for the judge" (ha-ha!).

Puppy training graduation

10 Dec 2018

Success! Fudge & Lady graduated from puppy training.  They listen - sometimes and only for treats!