Litter News:
Winter 2021 litter was born on 4 July.  5 males and 7 females.  You are welcome to contact us if you are interested in a Thabatemba puppy and would like to add your name to our waiting list.


Our commitment

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Our Goal is to breed outstanding Rhodesian Ridgebacks that have excellent temperaments, are true to the type and are bred to the KUSA breed standard.


Our Commitment is to the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed - breeding quality Ridgebacks is of the utmost importance to us.  Our dogs are part of our family - Thabatemba is not a puppy farm.  We breed occasionally and try our best to ensure that each puppy is placed in a suitable, loving home with families that understand the commitment they are undertaking.


Our puppies will be KUSA registered, Vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and dewormed.  They are affectionately raised in a family environment where they receive a lot of attention and stimulation. Early socialisation and stimulation is important to us.

Enquire about puppy availability and our waiting list here.

Ridgeback puppies: they fill your heart without trying!

Rhodesian ridgeback puppy; KUSA registered ridgeback puppy
Rhodesian ridgeback puppy; KUSA registered ridgeback puppy; ridgeback puppy playing in flowers
Rhodesian ridgeback puppy; KUSA registered ridgeback puppy; puppies eating together
Rhodesian ridgeback puppy; KUSA registered ridgeback puppy; puppy family photo

Your commitment

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Your commitment is to investigate whether a Rhodesian Ridgeback is right for you. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a very special and particular breed.  They are most adorable as puppies, but of course, they don't stay small.  Acquiring a Ridgeback puppy is a long term commitment (10-14 years).  The puppy needs a home for life - the last thing we want, is to have one of our puppies end up in a shelter or somewhere in the streets.  You need to consider the commitment needed for lifelong companionship with your Ridgie.  It is not only you who will own a Ridgeback - the Ridgeback will also own you - for life!

Some things to keep in mind when considering owning a Ridgeback puppy:

  • Size: Ridgebacks are large, strong, fast dogs - they are not dainty lap-dogs (even though they may try to be one!).  A muscular male is very strong, and even the females can be much stronger than you.  In their excitement, their flicking tail can knock down a small child. 

  • Temperament: Ridgebacks are intelligent yet sensitive, gentle yet stubborn, boisterous and exuberant, yet sleepy and lazy, naturally aloof with strangers but dedicated and loyal to their human family.

  • Training: It is very important that Ridgies are well trained and socialised.  Consistency and persistence are very important when training.

  • Care: Ridgebacks demands love, patience, consistency and discipline, but never any harsh treatment.  They are very intelligent, but also very sensitive.  If you treat them harsh, they will not co-operate.  It is important that they are trained through using positive reinforcement.

  • Stimulation: Ridgebacks are real attention seekers! They love to be around their human families and need a lot of social stimulation.  It is not wise to leave a Ridgeback alone for long periods of time.  They can become bored and will try to entertain themselves with whatever is at hand - plants, furniture, shoes, clothes, etc.  

  • Excercise: Ridgebacks require regular excercise (from 12-15 months). They are built to run.  Take your dog for walks and runs frequently, and play with your Ridgie every day.

  • Socialisation: Ridgebacks can be aloof and distrustful of strangers.  They protect their human family instinctively.  Thus it is important to ensure that they are well socialised.

  • Puppy years: Young Ridgebacks (0-2 years) are very playful and need a lot of attention, stimulation and the correct discipline.  They often play rough without even noticing, because of their size. 

  • Children & Ridgebacks: They are good with children, but may accidentally knock down a small child.  A well-trained Ridgeback is an excellent companion for children.

  • Instinct: Rhodesian Ridgebacks do have an instinct to catch prey - they stalk and catch fury or feathery things.  They were bred originally to keep lions at bay until the hunter arrives, thus they have a very strong baying instinct.

  • Dominance: Ridgies are pack animals and will try to dominate or lead your family if you do not establish yourself as the pack leader. (Have I said it before?  Training, training, training!)

  • Guard dogs: Ridgebacks are loyal protectors and make good guard dogs.  They usually only bark if there is a good reason.  However, they are not naturally an aggressive breed and will not attack strangers without good reason.

  • Size of yard: A decent size garden is required - a flat or small townhouse garden is not suitable.

  • Cleanliness: Ridgebacks have short hair and do not shed a lot of fur, thus they can easily be kept cleaned and groomed.

Owning a Ridgeback is truly a life-changing experience!

If this is the kind of dog you want, then look no further - a Ridgeback is for you!  However, if not, you are free to admire, but don't be tempted to acquire a dog that won't suit your lifestyle.   

Puppies 0-2 Weeks

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