Thabatemba Ntsimbi Fudge

Sex:       Bitch

DoB:      15 Jul 2018

Sire:      Shadikongoro Aslan

Dam:     Browdeen Bonvu Chutney of Thabatemba

Height:  still growing

Colour:  Red Wheaten

HD:        not done yet

ED:        not done yet

Fudge is still very much a puppy - she is extremely curious and a bit excitable.  If she was a human child, she might have been diagnosed with ADHD!  She is agile, quick, lively and energetic. Food is always a big attraction to her - sometimes she even has a bit of trouble distinguishing between real food and imagined food (like socks!)  She is high-spirited, entertaining and a real delight!

Thabatemba Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Pretoria, Gauteng
South Africa
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